Shalom! My name is Light Ediand, also known by my Hebrew name Liora (ליאורה), or, simply, lig.

I am a Jewish mathematician, interested in analysis and number theory, with particular focus on primes and ways to partition them, all around enthusiasm for elliptic curves, and a strong advocacy for the natural numbers having an additive identity element; forming a monoid with respect to addition and thus a semiring!

Aside from the maths I study, I love to play with maths too! I have an ever expanding collection of Rubik's cubes and similar puzzles of various shapes and sizes.The intersection of geometry and art is a beautiful place. I've built many polyhedra using modular origami, and have also collected models of other shapes from Klein bottles to tesseracts, and Hoberman spheres to doughnuts.

I spend much of my time immersing myself in Torah, Tehillim and Tanya. As a baalat teshuva, I'm on a perpetual journey of learning all there is about living true to Torah, and seeing every day as a new opportunity to do mitzvos. My studies are focused mainly within Chassidus, from the likes of great teachers such as the Maharal of Prague, who was also a mathematician and discussed at length the meanings of Torah through numbers (a study known as gematria).

I keep tarantulas and have a large family of various African and Southern American species. I have named them all after celestial bodies; from the stars to the moons. Saturn was my first ever tarantula, a Nhandu carapoensis. For more information about tarantulas and more pictures of my 8-legged friends, check out Arachnoboards.