♡ Mathematics ♡


A Cursed Function - A fun paper that provides a step by step guide of how to differentiate a composite function with trigonometric and hyperbolic components.

An Adventurer's Guide to Dividing the Primes - In this paper we show how partitioning the primes into various sums allows us to factorise them in a subring of the complex numbers.

A Field with One Element - This paper defines the field \(\mathbb{F}_{un}\), in which division by 0 is defined, all elements have multiplicative inverses, and the underlying set of the field forms groups with respect to addition and multiplication.


Ten Lovely ODEs

The Rudin Saga


A List of Reasonable Length

A Number of Reasonable Length

♡ Programming ♡

Primes - A program that partitions the prime numbers into various sums

Collatz Conjecture Counterexample Finder - A program that will tell you whether or not a given number is a counter example to the Collatz conjecture

Nombers - A program that generates numbers with special properties

Kalk - Calculator my friend made (super cool!!)

Torah && Tech - Discussions at the intersection of Torah and Technology (my article that just so happens to be a prime number issue can be read here!!!)